Masquerade [Roman Godfrey x Female Reader]

Summary: Every Halloween Roman has a huge party which you always attend, hoping for one night of passion. Is this your year? Or will he pass you over once again for someone else?
Tags: Dom/Sub, Dub-Con, Mind Control, Forced Orgasms, Spanking, Restraints, Sex in a graveyard, Humiliation, Fear play, Blood play, biting, general other crazy Roman related nonsense. 
Notes: This is a story that depicts Roman Godfrey with a female reader. It has adult situations and contains adult material not suitable for minors. Read at your own risk.

Every year Halloween was a big thing at this company, not that you knew why. You supposed it had something to do with the fact that it gave people a day to dress up and be anything that they wanted, and it gave a lot of girls the chance to dress much more slutty than they could or would on any other normal day. It was even pretty obvious to you that a lot of them did it specifically for the attention of Roman Godfrey and maybe he liked it because he got to watch them all beg for his attention without ever being accused of sexual harassment. There were probably a lot of reasons, but it was never anything you were interested in. At least not putting yourself out there in such a manner. Dressing up was definitely fun, the party was fun, they seemed to spare no expense for this night, but even attractive as you thought Roman was, you hadn’t really thought the best way to get his attention was to dress like a stripper with cat ears and pretend it was a costume. 

That year you decide to dress up as a demon. An actual, considerably creepy looking demon. Nothing too over the top and grotesque but certainly not sexy. Not only does it keep Roman’s paws off of you, but the other guys, who you definitely aren’t interested in. It has seemed that maybe Roman could be fun for a night or two but he’s such a hard ass (and you hear how others talk) you aren’t sure he’s boyfriend material as much as he’s only good for one night of sex. He probably sends a gift based on how good he thinks you are, at least that’s what they all claim. You slip out back to have a smoke on a terrace set up specifically for that purpose. It is empty except for Roman himself. Looks like he just started his cigarette.

“Hey it’s uh…”

“Lucifer,” You say jokingly to spare him the embarrassment of definitely not remembering your name, “Lucy is fine.”

“Looking good, collecting souls?” He chuckles. “Got a few things I still want but don’t have.”

“Bad enough to sell your soul?” You ask as you come closer and light your cigarette.

“Money can’t buy everything, Lucy,” He tells you looking you up and down. The costume is fairly tight and shows off your body enough but it also has horns, bright yellow contacts and fangs. Not anything you’d also call attractive so you don’t understand why he’s giving you the once over. “How much to have you for the night?”

“Really? The devil?” You ask, “Looking for a walk on the wild side?”

“You don’t know wild until you’ve spent a night with me.” He grins and takes a drag from his smoke. Needless to say, this is intriguing, but you are unsure why he’s chosen you tonight out of everyone else he could possibly have his pick from.

“Is that a threat?” You asked trying to call his bluff curious as to where this might be leading. He laughs and leans into you, getting close. Something that is as unnerving as it is arousing.

“It’s a promise,” He growls pulling back a moment later as a few others step out to have a smoke or just get some fresh air. A shiver of pleasure runs through you and he puts out his cigarette only to head back inside a moment later. You watch him, realizing that he’s not exactly in any sort of costume. Not that it’s a complaint, you love him in his suits anyway and though he always attends these things he doesn’t tend to dress up for them either. You sigh, figuring that you couldn’t hold his attention long enough to be interesting so it was nice while it lasted but that would be the end of it. You stay out long enough to finish your cigarette before heading back inside, telling yourself just one more drink and maybe a bit of food before you head home for the night.

You talk to a few of your co-workers while you are in there, casual banter, one of the guys from accounting that you are sure has liked you for awhile drunkenly tries to hit on you which is annoying enough to make an excuse to get out of there as soon as possible. It’s a nice night and only a short walk back to your apartment so it’s not a major annoyance to get home. You figure the fresh air will do you good, and you are a bit to tipsy to be driving anyway, so it’s a good thing you walked in the first place.

As your mind wanders with all the ideas of what could have been with Roman, you lose track of your surroundings and notice that you took a left when you should have taken a right. You aren’t exactly lost, just a bit farther from your house than you meant to be. This path will lead you through a cemetery which somehow seems like a bad idea on Halloween night. You don’t really believe in ghosts and demons but you aren’t sure you want to tempt fate either. Except, you soon find you don’t have a choice, you hear a blood curdling scream from behind you which sends you running forward into the cemetery and ducking behind a monument. Whatever that was, you figure you may be safer here, provided whatever caused that woman to scream in the first place hadn’t also seen you.

Removing your phone from your coat pocket, you shakily switch on the flashlight app and shine it around. Things are still and quiet. There is a breeze that passes, then nothing. All is still. Deathly quiet. You take a deep breath and head around the monument back towards the path through and then out of the cemetery, just wanting to get home. You are about to hit the front gate when something grabs your arm and pulls you back. You open your mouth to scream, turning only to see Roman there. He’s grinning and…is that blood on his face? You move to shine the light on him but he slaps the phone out of your hand. It clatters down onto the stone path and he grabs your other wrist tightly, backing you into the wrought iron fence next to the gate. He growls.

“Roman?” You whisper, you can smell blood, you think, but it’s hard to tell.

“Haven’t made our deal yet, Lucy.” He snarls and turns you towards the fence. You squeal as he easily gets your hands in position over your head, tying them to the bars with what you can only assume was the tie he was wearing. You whine and try to glance behind you, over your shoulder but he slaps your ass roughly, reaching up under your skirt to do it. “EYES FORWARD! THIS ISN’T FOR YOU TO SEE!”

“Y-Yes sir..” You gasp, turning your head back. You have absolutely no idea what he’s talking about but your natural obedience combined with fear forces you to obey his commands. You feel his hands under the skirt now, over your ass. It was a short skirt to begin with so he has easy access but they seem wet, sticky…the smell of blood becomes more intense as he moves in and sniffs at your neck. You feel his tongue running over it like he’s tasting you. He growls and slaps your ass again, rough enough that you are sure there will be a bruise there tomorrow.

“The deal is that I’m gonna fuck you and it’s gonna hurt but you’re gonna love it and tell me how fucking great I am and then…then I’ll let you cum.” He tells you. You aren’t even sure you like that idea but part of you still wants it. You shiver as he reaches around to grab your tits, squeezing them through the thin material of the shirt you wore. He tears it open, pushing up your bra so his hands can make contact with your skin. He grab both of your nipples, twisting them sharply, getting you to scream. He’s pressed into you, you can feel his arousal between your ass, rubbing against you desperately. It’s like he’s gone feral. After a moment, he shifts behind you, reaching down to slap your thighs a bit until you spread your legs enough that he’s able to move your panties to the side, then get down enough to thrust into you brutally. You scream again, yet…it still feels amazing. You hate yourself for being so aroused by such horrible treatment. You moan and tug at the restraints around your wrists. “Though you’d like that you little demon bitch.”

“Please Roman…I just…”

“You what?” He breathes grabbing your hips tightly and thrusting into you sharply, deliberately, it does hurt he wasn’t lying about that but oddly enough every jolt of pain is followed by another of pleasure. You don’t know how to feel about any of this, you don’t hate it, you don’t love it, you are terrified yet willing. “You want me to stop? Hmmm? Is the big, bad, devil afraid of a little cock?”

“N-Not little…” You mutter.

“That’s not what I meant…don’t be a fucking…smart ass…” He snarls, punctuating his words with random brutal thrusts. He pushes into you, getting you pressed right into the fence to brace himself against you before really going at it. Moving at a pace you aren’t even sure is humanly possible. Your moaning turns into screaming. Your hands twist and pull, trying to escape trying to stop any of this but you can’t. He’s snarling in your ear, drooling on your neck, and you swear you can feel fangs on your skin. Scraping across it roughly, you fear he may actually bite you. That he’s not even human. You squeal loudly, end up losing bladder control a moment later. Perhaps this was what he wanted, the fear, the complete and utter submission to him, as surely he felt the surge of hot wetness and it brings him to climax as he bites into your shoulder. Hard. His thrusts erratic and wild as he pushes into you as deep as he can get, filling you with his cum before releasing his mouth from you skin. You all but collapse against the fence, knowing you’d have fallen entirely if he hadn’t tied you up. He grabs you easily enough and turns you to look at him, grabbing your throat so you have no choice other than to look into his eyes. “Tell me how great I am.”

“Y-You…you’re…amazing, Ro-“

“Master,” He snarls.

“Yes Master you are amazing, please…please let me cum I…I know I don’t deserve it but I need to cum your cock is…perfect…” You cry not even knowing how you are coming up with the words but you are certain he’ll kill you if you don’t do this right. He laughs softly and moves the hand from your throat to your cheek gently. His eyes seeming to glow in the moonlight. You stare at each other for a long moment before he leans in a bit more.

“Cum for me, bitch, I want to watch.” He commands. Beyond any of your control you do cum and hard, screaming out in pleasure as the climax over takes you, then another, and another, almost like you can’t stop it. Just when you are sure you’ll pass out and possibly be his next meal, whatever hold he has on you releases and you go limp, hanging from the fence a pathetic mess by that point helpless to whatever desires he may have coming next. “Good girl, demons are always the most fun.” He gets out a cigarette from his pocket and lights it, taking a long drag and exhaling in your face. You are too tired to do much about it, scared, tired, and yet more satisfied than you’ve ever been in your life even if none of this makes sense and you can’t explain what the hell’s going on. “Too bad you won’t remember this by morning.”

“W-What…” You whisper, blinking a few times trying to comprehend what he just said.

“You never do…” He chuckles and licks your cheek before leaning in to whisper in your ear. Words that seem so familiar and yet so completely strange at the same time. Your eyes close and things go completely silent.

When you wake the next morning, in your bed, you can’t help but wonder what happened to your shoulder, or even how you got home the night before. Halloween night in Hemlock Grove is always a strange event and yet, you know that you’d never leave there. Never leave the chance to be with Roman Godfrey for just one night of passion…

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