No Free Rides [Mickey x Female Reader]

Summary: While on a road trip to nowhere to get some scenery you come across a handsome hitchhiker but ass, gas, or grass…no one rides for free.
Tags: Awkward flirting, oral sex, hand jobs, dirty talking
Notes: This story is pure fiction and isn’t meant for anyone under the age of 18. It depicts consenting adults doing adult activities and is ultimately fan fiction. No copyright infringement is intended. Mickey is the character from the movie Villains (2019).

Tired of the same old drab scenery, you pack up your things for a nice long road trip. Possibly a relocation. You aren’t sure which but you know you can’t stay where you are any longer. You have enough savings that it should be a comfortable casual trip. Enough for periodic stops, gas and food. A nice relaxing and freeing drive out west, to the sun and the shore. Everything is going fine until you hit a very boring and rural road in the midwest. Nothing but corn and cows everywhere. You see a guy standing on the side of the road ahead. He has a bag of stuff. Though he looks kind of shaggy there’s something about him you can’t ignore. He seems to be hitching for a ride. Who even does that these days? 

Against your better judgement, you slow down. It isn’t like you are on a schedule and you want to see if maybe you can offer him a few bucks or help. You pull off to the side and roll down the passenger window. He comes over with a dumb smile on his face when he sees you, leaning half way into the car to give you a look. 

“Finally, someone stops.” He says. 

“Doesn’t mean you are getting a ride, how do I know you aren’t a dangerous psycho?” You ask him. 

“How do I know you aren’t?” He asks. 

“Touche,” You laugh. Even if he does seem kind of shady he doesn’t seem dangerous. Doesn’t have that vibe at all. You know that it’s completely stupid to pick up hitchhikers like this, as you are alone and also female but you just have a good feeling about him. At worst you believe he’ll just be kind of annoying. In the moment he seems a bit too charming and even a little dorky for you to be concerned about his intentions. “No one rides for free though.” 

“Don’t have much on me,” He says, “But I guess that’s fair. Just trying to get to Vegas.” 

“That’s a long way from here, gonna cost you.” You say. 

“You’re clearly headed in that direction anyway.” He points out, “I can’t come along for the ride? I’m great company. I can pay you in stories.” Even if he’s right about this you don’t want to admit it. You are fine on your own yet you also feel like maybe you’ll be missing out if you don’t have him with you. Almost as if he’s the type to survive purely on dumb luck and you know on this trip you could use luck more than anything else. Especially for a stop over in Vegas like you’d already planned. 

“Fine, but I don’t think stories alone will cut it. Get in.” You tell him. 

“Awesome.” He says and grabs his bag before getting in the car. You pull away from the side of the road and start the trip again. You hadn’t been on the highway, you’d decided to take a more scenic route as all the corn and cows zooming by had given you a headache. He immediately starts to mess with the radio as if he owns the place and you slap his hands away from it. “Ow!” 

“Got a name?” You ask. 

“Mickey,” He says then nods, “Can I smoke in here?” 

“Wanna give me one?” You ask. He smirks and gets a pack out, allowing you to take one before he does. He even goes far enough to light it for you. You crack the window and take a drag, sparing him a brief glance. He’s very attractive in a messy kind of way. Not normally a guy you think you’d see yourself with but it’s time for a change anyway. 

“You got a name?” He asks. 

“Call me Destiny,” You snicker meaning it mostly as a joke as you aren’t sure you want to give him your real name. That and you don’t think Mickey can possibly be his. It seems more like a nickname or an alias. If he’s not giving you a real name you certainly aren’t giving him yours. 

“Fitting,” He says and starts to adjust the seat so he fits in the car better. He is very tall and you don’t have a huge car so he kind of looks comically crammed into the seat. Eventually he gets more comfortable and settles down to smoke his cigarette. “What are you doing all the way out here alone anyway?” 

“I could ask you the same.” You reply, “Seems like you’re the type to be running from the law.” 

“You thought that and picked me up anyway?” He asks. 

“Yeah because I mean for a petty crime like stealing fifty dollars from a gas station in the cowtown we are currently outside of. I’ve done worse in my life.” You say. It’s not exactly the truth but you speak confidently enough that it sounds like you mean it. 

“Very funny,” He says and gives you a sideways glance before taking another drag from his cigarette. You snicker, figuring that you are probably not wrong about this, then speed up. You change the music back to the playlist it was on before he got in the car. 

He is good company for the next few hours. You trade stories, most of his are about stupid things he did while he was wasted. They are funny stories though, so you really can’t find anything too annoying about him. As night falls you are forced to stop at a motel in the middle of nowhere to get a room. As you get out of the car to head inside he follows behind you closely like a lost puppy. You wonder if you have accidentally adopted a stray. You suppose you could have done worse if that’s the case. 

“Oh did you think you were staying with me? If you are, you need to pay at least half.” You say. “100 dollars for a night here.” 

“50 dollars?” He whines then pulls you off to the side, “Tell you what how about I uh…pleasure you instead.” You give him a look wondering why he thinks his dick is worth fifty dollars because to you he looks more like maybe it’ll be worth 50 cents, if that. He’s a nice guy, attractive, but you don’t think you want to start trading sex for favors like letting a stranger stay in your hotel room. Seems more like he’d get the better end of the bargain anyway because half of it would be him getting to have sex. 

“A deal like this kind of also benefits you.” You say. 

“No it doesn’t I’m just going to go down on you, rock your entire fucking world.” He says enthusiastically, with such charm that you can’t even be disgusted by how he’s speaking. In fact, you start to blush. Feel just the tiniest spark of arousal. No. He cannot win that easily. There has to be an ultimatum. 

“For all I know you could totally suck at this, I can’t make that deal until I know.” You say, even though he looks entirely too confident with his ability in this area which only intrigues you more. He sighs and backs you into the wall a bit more. 

“Tell you what, if I don’t completely satisfy you I’ll pay for the entire room. Myself.” He says, sounding more confident than ever that he can do this exactly the right way. You guess you don’t have much to lose here so you nod. You pay for room and grab the keys. He looks very smug with himself as he follows you down the hall to get to the right one. It has two beds and a bathroom but is otherwise very small. Clean but small, it’s still better than having to sleep in your car again. 

“Alright,” You say, “Let me at least shower first so that-” 

“We can do that together,” He laughs and pulls his shirt of with no hesitation starting to strip completely as he heads into the bathroom before you can even think much about it. You start to wonder who this guy is and how you were either lucky or unlucky enough to have him fall in your lap like this. Not to mention the fact that he has an amazing ass. You find yourself blushing as you strip down yourself, heading into the bathroom after him. If he’s not going to by shy you see no real reason to. Then again, he has an awesome body. Almost as if he was sculpted by the gods themselves. You shove past him to start the shower, making sure the water temperature is okay before getting in. He joins you quickly after that point. 

You reach for the small bottle of body wash that the hotel has so ‘generously’ provided. Definitely only enough for one person. You have more things in your car but you don’t feel like getting anything beyond the small bag of basic necessities you brought in to begin with. You start to get yourself cleaned up, trying not to focus on how amazing he looks by turning your back towards him. It has been awhile and your last relationship didn’t end that well. The point of this trip wasn’t to find someone else to fuck but there you were, somehow naked in the shower with this weird guy who’s real name may or may not actually be Mickey. You didn’t know because you didn’t bother to ask for any sort of ID. You start to turn to explain to him the whole situation about the soap as you are rinsing off but before you can he shoves you forward against the wall. You gasp as he drops down to his knees. 

“Mickey don’t you think-” 

“Can’t wait.” He cuts you off getting under you in what seems to be the exact perfect position to do this for his height and yours. A man who definitely knows what he’s doing. You realize that none of that confidence from out in the lobby was false. Not even slightly. He’s not shy about it either. His tongue getting every inch of you skillfully, well almost, it’s everywhere except the exact places you want it to be. You moan loudly, your legs starting to shake in this awkward position he has you in, taking you from behind like that. After a few moments of this, a small warm up, he pulls back. He sits up enough to turn you towards him. 


“Shush, gotta earn it, right?” He grins up at you before going back in for round two. His mouth over you again, seeming to cover you entirely. Those perfect soft lips against your skin, that firm tongue. A hand slides up your inner thigh. A finger slips in as he starts to focus more of his attention with his tongue on your clit. You moan, a hand coming down to grab his hair tightly. You can feel your nails against the back of his scalp, this only seems to fuel him more. Cause him to press tighter into you. His other hand seemingly strong enough to support you entirely because other than the wall behind you, you aren’t sure how you haven’t fallen yet. 

“Holy…fucking…God…” You pant, not only is he good at this, he’s doing it like he has an addiction. Like he can’t live without it. Between glances here and there you can see how damn hard he is, but he’s doing nothing about it. Only focused on you and your pleasure. You somewhat regret not offering to actually fuck him if he’s this good with his mouth. You can only imagine what he might do to you with his hips. “Mickey!” He groans against you, looking up into your eyes. You thrust towards him, your hips jerking as if they have a mind of their own. He’s playing your body like an instrument, one he has mastered a long time ago. Another moan from him. You can feel the vibrations through your body. You shiver and groan, attempting to shove him in closer as you lose control, screaming out as you hit your climax. 

His grip on you gets tighter as he keeps going. Staying in place, working his finger and mouth in a fine rhythm, strumming every last nerve in your body to bring you to a second far more powerful climax. You scream, starting to slip, sliding down the wall. He quickly moves back and grabs you, preventing you from falling entirely. You get to your knees, trying to catch your breath. The water cascading over the both of you. Your eyes meet and you tackle him, needing to feel those thick pouty lips against yours more than anything. He lets out a surprised but muffled yelp before kissing you back just as hungrily as you are kissing him. Your hand moving to his cock, gripping it and starting to stroke. You do have your regrets, not being able to fuck him immediately, yet you know you are far too sensitive for that. However, there’s no reason he should get no reward for all the pleasure he’s just give you. He moans arching towards you a bit more. His mouth slipping from yours to your neck then your shoulder, nipping at the skin here and there. 

“Like that? Huh?” You pant, working your hand firmly over his length. 

“Yes…you’re fucking…great…” He breathes in your ear. “So…close…” 

“Been awhile huh?” You laugh breathlessly, speeding up, working at a frantic pace. You’re already sure this won’t be the end of it, no, this is just the beginning of a very long fucking night and you will be definitely be keeping him around through your planned trip to Vegas. That’s for sure. He cries out, gripping you tightly as he hits his release. His cum splashing over your hand and arm, some getting on your stomach and chest. He pulls you into another sloppy, rough kiss. You kiss back, matching his enthusiasm equally until both of you manage to calm down. The kiss breaks and you take a moment to calm yourselves from that relatively feral and almost animalistic grope fest. 

“Totally rocked it…didn’t I?” He asks after a moment, giving you a smug but content grin. You laugh and punch him playfully in the chest. 

“Fine you were right but…wait until you see how you have to earn night two.” You give him a sly grin before pulling yourself up and stepping out of the shower to grab a towel. Leaving that shitty town was probably the best decision you ever made, of course, it was only second to picking up Mickey the mysterious hitchhiker. 

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