Bound To Him [Pennywise x Female Reader]

SUMMARY: You are Pennywise’s toy, his one and only, you’ve misbehaved and he has to teach you that you only belong to him.
TAGS: Over stimulation, forced orgasms, restraints, humiliation, Dom/Sub, Blood, biting, general clownfuckery (you know the drill)
NOTES: Read with caution as usual I mean usually I know the basic tags ahead of time but when I write almost anything can happen so yeah I don’t know what to always tag. Sorry. 

“Please just let me go I promise I’ll be good!” You beg pathetically. You had been chained down in the nest you weren’t sure how long now. Completely naked, exposed, and shivering. You weren’t sure what exactly you did now to upset him but given that he was prone to throwing tantrums or just punishing you for his own amusement it may not have been anything significant or at all. He had been appearing at random times to taunt you, tease you, but there was always denial. He knew just how to touch you to build you right up to climax before stopping. Make your cunt as sensitive as possible. 

“Let you go? Let yOU goooOOO?” He taunts appearing in front of you seemingly out of thin air. You gasp and whine knowing that if he’s there then you are in for trouble now. You shake your head and look away from him. He giggles excitedly, his hand going right to your cunt, one thumb right on your clit once again. He’s been doing this enough that your arousal is painful. More pain than pleasure at this point and yet you don’t hate it…no…this is what you’ve been craving and somehow he always knows this. If you tell him or not. “I’m sure you just hate this, Princess…” He snarls leaning in to lick your cheek sloppily. 

You start to rub against his fingers trying to get more towards his hand, possibly force penetration but he’s very good at knowing just how much to give without allowing you release, how to torture you as sweetly as possible. Your cunt is dripping wet, your arms ache. He has you elevated so your toes just barely touch the floor but you are sure that at this point you wouldn’t be able to stand on your own two feet anyway. He’s weakened you, left you a sobbing mess. Heaven and hell completely combined. You don’t even know what you want anymore.

“Do you believe you’ve suffered enough?” He whispers. You know if you tell him that you have then he’ll deny you again, you’ve been making that mistake for what seems like days. Now you know it’s your chance to try to give him what he wants, say what he’s waiting for. 

“No…I…I don’t….” You whisper after a moment of trying to find your breath as he continues to mercilessly handle your cunt. 

“Ooooh looks like someone’s finally learning her lesson….” He taunts. There’s another wild laugh, the jingle of bells as his head shakes giddily. His hand retracts and he moves behind you. You turn your head trying to watch him but he growls viciously indicating that isn’t something you should do. 

“Please just-” 

“Just what?” He hisses in your ear, you can feel his sharp fangs scrape over the back of your neck, “Let you cum? Is that what you want?” 

“PLEASE!” You screech, you don’t think you can take it anymore, and just as you have that thought you feel his cock shove into you. This, of course, triggers one hell of a powerful orgasm, you scream, cumming hard as your body spasms and contracts around his oddly amorphous but pleasurable cock. 

“Tsk…tsk…who said you could do that?” He purrs in your ear. 

“I-I didn’t mean to-” 

“SILENCE!” He roars, “Since this is what you want…so badly…maybe I should give you all you can take…or more…” 

“Oh God don’t-” 

“Don’t? DON’T! Do you really presume to tell Pennywise what he can and cannot do? Silly….SILLY little girl…” He laughs again, his hands coming around to grab your tits roughly, giving them a nice firm squeeze. You scream out and he starts to thrust, slow at first, hard enough to swing you a bit with how you are restrained. You squeal. One of his hands moving down to your cunt, to get at your clit again. 

“I’m going to take it all from you, all your pleasure…pain…you’re going to wish you never craved this to begin with….” He whispers so softly that you aren’t even sure he’s said anything at all or you just imagined it. His thrusting increases and once again you find that he’s stimulating your clit. The fabric of his gloves allowing so much more friction than just skin to skin contact. His cock seems to be growing inside of you, hitting all the right places, everything you need to force another orgasm almost immediately. You scream. 

“More…” He snarls, “Do it again.” 

“S-Stop….” You beg but you don’t want him to stop, you know that and he knows that too. Even if you were genuine, you know he wouldn’t and you crave that part of the experience to. The thrusting increases so do his fingers. Pain and pleasure stab through you as his cock locks into place with what you can only assume are barbs meant for that exact purpose. You’ve felt this before, you know it won’t be the last time. This mere act milks yet another orgasm from your body. Your arms tug down at the restraints, your toes curl and your back arches, as you gasp for air. Stars dancing in your direct line of sight. 

“AGAIN!” He demands, his cock seemingly starting to vibrate inside of you like you’ve never felt before. He starts to bite at your shoulder, neck, and back, drawing blood and growling like a feral animal as he licks at the wounds. His assault on your body continues. You scream. Your hands clench into fists. Another orgasm rocks your body. “That’s right…milk my cock like the little fuck toy you are….AGAIN!” 

“I-I can’t…” You sob, but you know you can, he knows you can, and you know this isn’t going to stop until he’s completely satisfied. 

“You can and you will…do you remember what I do to liars? Huh…Princess?” He warns you. You screamed and shudder your body shakes as you orgasm again. The vibrations of his cock increase, his fingers on your clit become far more rough. You jerk and twist, writhing under his touch. The hand left on your tit gives another painful squeeze. You cum again, then once more in rapid succession, gasping for air. You whimper and whine but he’s still not stopping. “AGAIN!” 


“ONE MORE TIME” He orders, “You know how much I need to fill you with my cum…and you need to work for it.” You mewl softly, you really don’t think you can again after that. It’s all too much, you’re too sensitive, tired, and he knows this as well. He knows that he can continue at this brutal pace pushing you to your limit because your body has worn itself out, at least for now. Yet, he’s not giving you any time to rest. No, he wants what he wants and he’s going to take it. He isn’t concerned with the limitations of your physical form only what he can do and his desires. You will submit to them. 

The pain builds. Becomes agony. You twist, struggle, your feet trying to kick back at him. You connect a few times but it doesn’t seem to faze him. He’s in a zone and he wants his cock milked. You have no choice. Your hands clench into fists, your nails digging into your palms sharp enough to draw blood. It begins to drip down over your arms and wrists. You hear him snarl, feel his impossibly long tongue snake up to lick up at the fresh treat. You scream and beg, this is impossible, surely, how can you cum again? How can you complete this impossible task? This is insane?

Just as you are sure you’d more likely die than actually cum again, it hits you. Your final orgasm. The most intense. It takes all the breath from your lungs, your vision tunnels. Your body shakes and jerks, the oddest combination of pleasure and pain washing over you until your eyes roll back and you succumb to the dark respite of sleep…the very last sensation you experience is his burning hot cum filling you entirely. You couldn’t be more satisfied with your Master.

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