Prized Possession [Roman Godfrey x Female Reader]

“You don’t think you need me? Really? That’s what the fuck you think? After all I’ve done for you?” Roman yells, getting as close to you as he possibly can. You back into the wall as he stares you down. You somewhat knew what you were getting into when you agreed to this, but you hadn’t thought that it would be anywhere near this bad. Attempting to leave now, could prove fatal, and yet…that was the part you kind of liked. The fear. The idea that he had every ability to end your life if he wanted and for some reason didn’t. It was an amazingly addictive and terrifying feeling. One that you never wanted to stop.

“I don’t need you. For anything.” You insist trying to keep your voice as firm as possible. It shakes a bit, betraying how confident you actually are in the moment. He chuckles softly and shakes his head before backhanding you roughly. You cry out, the pain and sting of the vicious contact from his own hand causing you to grow wet with desire. You know you are probably in for a long night. 

“Oh I beg to differ.” He growls after a moment of letting you recover so you can actually focus back on him. He grabs you by the hair and yanks you towards the stairs. You scream and attempt to struggle but you know that you are not getting out of his grasp, part of you doesn’t even want to. You are taken, slightly against your will, up the stairs and towards the bedroom. He slams the door behind him and shoves you towards the bed. It is one with four posts, which makes it even easier for him to restrain you. He removes his tie and approaches. You try to dodge him but he grabs your arms, getting both of your wrists into one hand as he pins them above you where he ties you tightly in place to one of the posts. You scream angrily and he slaps you again which promptly causes you to shut up and look at him. “You do need me. SAY IT!”

“No!” You growl. He laughs and backs up, shaking his head. Pacing for a moment, he runs his hand through his hair angrily and then stops in place, staring right at you for a moment. 

“We’ll see about that, oh we’ll fucking see.” He warns. He steps backwards, keeping an eye on you, as he reaches behind towards his dresser. Grabbing a knife from the top he flicks open the blade, coming towards you again. He holds it clearly in your line of sight before lowering it, slowly using it to cut off each button from your blouse until he can open it. He slips the cool metal blade between the front of your bra and cuts that open too. “You…are helpless right now and you know you can’t fucking stop this. Tell me you need me…say it!” 

“N-No…” You whisper. You are unsure of why you are making it worse on yourself though maybe…just maybe you are actually making it better. It’s hard to tell. He growls, the blade moving to your throat. You can feel the sharp edge there. He stares into your eyes, his intense gaze terrifying and yet somehow erotic. He makes a shallow cut across your chest. You cry out in pain and struggle trying to get away but it’s useless and you know that. He brings the knife to his mouth, running his tongue over the blade before licking it, shutting it, and tossing it onto the bed. He leans in, growling softly as his tongue traces over the cut he just made, to get a taste of you…only a tease. 

“I suggest you rethink your position on this,” He says after a moment of greedily licking up his little treat. He laughs, licking his lips before patting your cheek roughly. “Maybe a bit of time to think about how you’ve been treating Daddy will clear your head a bit.” 

“Roman…don’t you dare leave me like this don’t you-“

“SHUT! UP! No one cares what the fuck you think. Least of all me.” He snarls before storming out of the bedroom, slamming the door behind him. You scream angrily, scream for him to come back, scream for literally anything. Your cries fall on deaf ears. You are the only two here to begin with and you know if you continue it will only please him. You can’t give him what he wants. This is about winning and this time you are going to show him…at least…you hope. 

You watch the clock, one hour passes, then two. At first it is merely just boring but then you realize how badly you need to pee. You start to whine softly, attempting to do as much as possible to avoid this issue but it dawns on you that he was right you do need him and this is one of the many reasons why. Fuck. No, he can’t win this you can wait. You can hold it. Yet, you don’t think you can. The minutes seem to tick by slower now and in this position, with your wrists tied above you and very little to help you keep control, you know you are destined to lose it if he doesn’t come back soon to help you. You eye the door as you start to panic, still somehow very aroused despite your humiliating predicament.

The door opens. He comes in there holding a drink, looking far more calm than before. Smug even. He looks you over, stepping towards you to caress one of your breasts and pinch the nipple roughly. You let out a squeal, trying to squirm away from the rough touch but as you do, you feel an annoyingly strong twinge in your bladder which keeps you from really moving at all. Something that doesn’t go unnoticed by him.

“Oh…is there suddenly a problem, Princess?” He asks you in the most condescending voice possible, his hand moving to your other nipple to twist that as well. You scream, unable to move from where you are, standing with your thighs pressed together as tightly as possible to prevent the inevitable from happening. Delay it as long as you possibly can. “Think you figured out how much you actually need Daddy.” 


“WRONG FUCKING ANSWER!” He cuts you off, his voice much louder than yours. You are startled into silence beyond your own comprehension. His hand moves down to slap at your thighs roughly. “Legs apart, now.” 

“I can’t or-” 

“Or what? You’ll piss yourself like the dirty little slut you are?” He grins. 


“I DIDN’T FUCKING MAKE YOU DO ANYTHING YOU BITCH! You got yourself into this mess. You need to learn…” He warns you, “Spread your fucking legs. NOW!” You whimper, not thinking you’ll be able to hold back if you do that but you take in a sharp breath and slowly comply to what he wants. He grins, moving his hand up under your skirt to your panties. Feeling how wet you already are and you know it too. You are aching for his touch, his cock, all the pleasure and pain he can possibly provide you. His fingers start to rub against you the pleasure is there but the discomfort of having to pee overrides it even when he manages to find your clit. He casually takes another sip of his drink.

“P-Please…” You beg. 

“Please what?” He asks like he has no clue what you could possibly want. He roughly shoves your panties to the side and easily slides in two fingers. You moan loudly as your body shudders, your muscles clenching around him. You whine trying to close your legs again but one solid glare from his direction stops that. “Problem, Princess?” 

“I…I have to…please…” You beg. 

“Don’t think so.” He said, “Going to need to learn a lesson about who is actually in charge here. Don’t you?” He continues his assault on your aching cunt with his fingers for a moment before removing his hand. His brings the digits coated with your fluids to his lips and sucks on them for a moment before backing up. He finishes his drink and takes a seat across from you casually. 

“Y-You can’t be serious…” You breathe in disbelief. He just grins as his response. You scream in frustration and close your legs again. 

“Keep them open.” He snarls. 

“But I-“

“OPEN THEM NOW!” He snaps. You mewl loudly but slowly do as you are commanded, your legs shaking. Unable to control it anymore, you start to pee, the hot liquid running down your thighs for a few moments before you are able to make it stop by sheer will power. He chuckles, you can tell he’s aroused and he takes a moment to palm himself through his slacks. “Want to ask me now? The right way?” 

“Please Daddy…” You mewl softly, not able to look at him, “P-Please let me go pee.” 

“That’s more like it,” He says and stands back up, “Where was the part about you needing me though?” 

“Please…Please I need you Daddy you’re right…I can’t live without you.” You beg desperately. You hate yourself for how aroused you are, the humiliation, the frustration, wanting to cum just as bad as you want to piss. He strokes your cheek softly and leans in for a kiss before reaching to undo his slacks. “Daddy I…”

“You what? You didn’t think I was going to let you go anywhere without a good fuck first did you?” He growls in your ear. “And you better fucking control yourself until Daddy is finished.” You whine but you are helpless to stop anything as he gets his slacks and boxers down just enough that he’s able to thrust into you. His hands on your hips. He starts to move in a steady rhythm. You are right on edge, you can feel it. The ache of a still full bladder while craving release is pure torture as he starts to speed up. He rocks into your roughly, the bed shakes, the post you are attached to threatening to break with the force of it. 

“PLEASE!” You scream at him, unsure if you want to cum or piss more in that moment. He moves his mouth to your neck nuzzling it softly, his hips getting more an more erratic as his climax nears with yours. 

“Cum for me…Princess.” He growls before biting into your neck hungrily. As he starts to suck and pull blood from you, your orgasm hits as well. You scream in pleasure, pain, and even terror as you hit your climax. The waves of pleasure wracking your body like never before. He always did know how to show you a good time. Just when you are sure you’re about to black out, or completely succumb to death from the amount of blood he’s taking, he pulls back and looks at you. You groan helplessly, your vision blurry, you blink trying to focus, as you finally lose control of your bladder anyway only dimly aware of it happening or what’s even going on around you but…it still feels amazing. After all that time trying to wait. “That’s my girl…my perfect…filthy little Princess.” He coos. 

“T-Thank you…Daddy…” You barely find the energy to mutter. He reaches up and unties your wrists before taking you into his arms and easily carrying you towards the bathroom to get you cleaned up. Now that he’s pleased with you, you’re pleased with yourself and perhaps you have learned your lesson. You do need him far more than he needs you. 

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