Here you will find access to my stories that I have written. Anything that I have completed and decided to put up, that is. Some things will not be going back up due to personal reasons. Otherwise think of this as a very lazily attended to index to follow along with what I post on my Inkitt. This is just a backup archive as it is.


Title: His Domain
Summary: She entered the sewers not believing in demonic eldritch beings. She will only be leaving under his domain.
Tags: Tentacle Kink, Dub-Con, Non-Con, Breeding Kink, Oral sex, Anal sex, Clownfucking, Fear Play, Pet Play, Dom/Sub, Mental illness, Brainwashing, hallucinations, horror, terror, mind games.
Notes: This story has a slight crossover with the Saw movie franchise with one character named Mark Hoffman. However, if you have never seen the movies it’s fine, none of the canon is really in this. Otherwise there are two original female characters and Pennywise as the main storyline. This story is not meant for minors under the age of 18 and is pure fiction. [Read More…]